Positioning of the looper on the Singer Brilliance 6180

In this model, the manufacturer provided for the possibility of quick adjustment of the hook, but I had a little less luck and had to disassemble the entire machine. The culprit of all the confusion was the unscrewed screw from the rack responsible for the hook’s drive.

The entry is divided into pages.

Video showing failures

Adjusting the hook in this machine is very easy, all you need is a 7 mm pipe wrench.

Just remove the end cap and hit the adjustment screw.

This is how it looks from the inside

As you can see, an ordinary key does not fit in the hole and for this you need a tubular key.

Just loosen the screw, adjust the hook, tighten it and after work.

Let’s go back to the main thread and show you my repair.

We push the plastic pocket to the left

Open the door of the hook

We take out the drum

The feet holding the treadmill are swung out in pain and removed

We take out the hook and it can be lightly polished if it has any cracks

We go higher and unscrew the needle plate

We unscrew the machine and remove the needle case.

We unscrew the screw from the forehead and loosen this wheel slightly

We put the machine on the front and unscrew all marked screws (at the top are long at the bottom short)

There are also 2 screws from below

Further part on page 2 …

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