Juki lockstitch machine DDL – 8700B – 7 does not cut the thread

The following instructions also match other models and machine brands.

The most common cause is dirt under the needle plate, but I will also show you how to replace the knives.

We slightly tilt the machine backwards and slide the plate to the left.

Raise the presser foot and remove the 2 screws from the needle plate.

We remove all accumulated dirt, if you still do not cut the thread you need to get to the knives.

We can remove the transport teeth, but this is not necessary.

We unscrew 2 screws.

To unscrew the upper knife unscrew 2 screws on a flat screwdriver and then unscrew one screw on the Allen key from the lower knife.

We put the lower knife and screw it, and the upper knife must be set (it has quite a lot of adjustment)

If you removed the transport teeth, when folding slightly screw them, mount the needle plate and tighten them at the end because they also have a slight adjustment.

That’s all about it.

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