Setting and replacing knives in Juki MO 6716S overlock

This is one of the basic things we do with this machine especially with thick and soft materials.

How to open the machine we have written in the previous entry: here

We’ll start with the upper knife.

The screw marked on the picture holds the knife and gives the possibility of adjustment up and down.

Set it so that it falls a little behind the bottom knife.

The lower knife is held in the handle with this screw and can also be adjusted up and down.

The lower knife can be easily sharpened only important to keep the right angle because it must be flush with the needle plate and set it so (we put the old knife and push in the new one).

Another adjustment is the length of the material being rolled.

We loosen this screw and we can move the knife left or right.

The upper knife is pushed to the lower one and this screw is responsible for adjustment.

We can do the test by placing the material under the knife and then spin the wheel of the machine.

After all, you can thread and fold the machine.

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