Replacement / adjustment of knives in the Juki LH-3568A-7 twin needle

This is one of the basic adjustments on this machine. Thanks to this manual, the machine will start cutting all threads again. The manual also matches other models and brands.

We move the left and right plates away

Now we have to slightly tilt the machine back and move the 3 plate

To get to the right knives you need to unscrew the 2 screws marked yellow on the back, I will focus on the left ones.

Raise the presser foot with the lever on the back of the machine.

Unscrew one screw from the front and the other only loosen and remove the needle plate (red).

As you can see in the photo a lot of dirt accumulated here.

Often, you only need to clean the machine and begin to cut the threads well, or a slight adjustment at the top.

The screws from the upper knife and its adjustment are marked in red, which we can do here.

Yellow lower knife and its adjustment.

The upper knife can be easily sharpened and the lower knife can only be replaced.

After tilting the machine we have another adjustment of the knives.

The allen screw is responsible for the position of the lower foot at the start and the hexagon screws (8 or 10) are responsible for the knife stroke.

Left knife red and right yellow.

When inserting the needle plate, remember to hit the notches in the race of the hook because you will hear a loud bang at the start of the machine 🙂

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