Overview of the Janome E1015 home sewing machine

Photos from the Janome E1015 machine review

We will check the hook position. To do this, we remove the plastic housing.

We open the flap.

We take out the drum.

We open the safety catch on the race track.

We put the machine aside and we can remove the treadmills.

With this type of hook, we set the needle in the right position, but unfortunately this is not possible in this machine and we need to use zigzag sewing (setting C)

We change the needle to a new one.

Turning the wheel toward you (counterclockwise), we look at how the hook is positioned relative to the needle.

Approximately you can see that everything is all right.

Gentle regulation of the bobbin tension and it is done with this screw (loosening loosen, tightening tightening)

Holding the thread, the bobbin should fall down slightly but in practice it looks different.

The bottom can be folded and in the place where the catcher walks over the treadmill, pour a little vaseline oil.

We will remove the upper casing to lubricate the machine at the top. To do this, remove the plug and unscrew the screw with a star screwdriver.

The foot should be lowered when removing it.

The center of the machine appears to our eyes.

We grease all moving parts (especially the needle bar) and also use Vaseline oil. We turn the wheel so that the oil is well spread.

It remains for us to assemble the machine and stitch a little dirty, as oil can stain the material.

That’s all, the machine returned to the owner.

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