Incorrectly positioned looper in Singer 7462 machine

The machine came to me only for inspection and apparently sewn normally. As it turned out, it was completely wrongly set up and someone was already trying to fix it.

Movie showing failures

We start by unscrewing the needle and removing the drawer in the machine

Now you need to unscrew the needle plate and remove it

Take out the bobbin and bobbin case

Unscrew the screw holding the plastic washer (attention likes to run away and is tiny) and remove it with the washer.

This will help better visibility of the screws holding the rack

For better freedom of movement, unscrew the foot

We unscrew the transport teeth

Now there is room for two screws responsible for adjustment

These are the same screws that hold the transport teeth.

We loosen them lightly enough so that the hook can be twisted with considerable resistance.

If it is unscrewed too much, it will be difficult to set the hook

Set the hook in the left position of the needle and turn the wheel of the machine towards you (in the opposite direction to the movement of the clock hands).

With the machine off, you can easily move the needle bars left and right.

Set the hook and tighten the screws

All this can be folded in the reverse order, but when placing the transport teeth, they must be set (they are quite adjustable)

Gently catch them and add the needle plate to set them correctly

Everything twisted and the end result as seen 🙂

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