How to set Juki MO-6716S overlocks

The manual also matches other models and shows how the machine should be set up for sewing heavy and thick materials.

We open the machine working table up.

Then press the lock levers of the left housing upwards and open it to the left.

Now we open the right (we pull to the right and to ourselves)

Press the presser foot release lever and remove the 2 screws from the needle plate.

We take out the plate and we can clean the machine.

In this setting, as it will show you, it should sew every material, although sometimes you need to gently change this setting once in one direction.

Approximately it looks like this (chain hook)

Lower looper from an outcast (stitch in stitch)

The upper hook from the outcast should overlap the lower hook but do not touch it, the screw marked in the picture is responsible for holding and adjusting.

Film showing how it looks in motion (poor recording quality)

The same Facebook video

The screws responsible for adjusting the lower loops are: the red chain hook and the yellow hook.

We relax slightly and we can zoom in or out of the needle as well as change its time in relation to the needle.

We can thread the machine and fold it.

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